The “Gore Effect”

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gore-effectYou just knew it was coming. You knew Mother Nature has a wry sense of humor. You knew one of Mother’s favorite targets of practical jokes is Al Gore – he of the enormous carbon butt print … the Nobel Laureate “climate scientist” who had a grand total of TWO college science courses: he “earned” a C in one and a D in the other. But he did well in politics and learned his climate chaos lines well.

So here we are, just as Professor Gore is launching his new manmade global warming catastrophe horror movie series – and Mother Nature sends along some special September weather to accompany the premiere. We all owe a real scientist … Anthony Watts … a hearty “thank you” for sharing his weather forecast with us.

It’s official, NOAA shows the “Gore Effect” hitting America tonight

Posted on September 14, 2011 by Anthony Watts

You know, sometimes coincidences are just too strange and funny to ignore. Here’s the low temperature forecast map from NOAA produced today, for overnight low temperatures during the time that Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project gets into its full swing. It starts at 8PM EST/5PM PST. Chill baby, chill:



And it gets worse, see below. For anyone who doubts the Gore Effect, I’ll point out that it has its own Wikipedia entry, which says:

The Gore Effect is a term used with various meanings relating to Vice President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Al Gore. In one use, the term is a humorous concept suggesting a causal relationship between unseasonable cold weather phenomena and meetings associated with global warming, with particular emphasis on events attended by Gore. The phrase has also been used to describe Gore’s impact in raising global warming as a public issue, and in other ways related to Al Gore.

The Toronto based national newspaper Globe and Mail defined the term in 2007 quoting a user’s submission to the online Urban Dictionary website as “the phenomenon that leads to unseasonably cold temperatures, driving rain, hail, or snow whenever Al Gore visits an area to discuss global warming.


Look at the forecast for the upper midwest from Dr. Roy Spencer’s WeatherStreet

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